Friday, 1 May 2015

ix35 Fuel Cell: No Longer Future Technology!

As we try to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels, the motor industry is filled with talk and ideas of alternate fuels. The majority of this talk is about what is coming, with few realising that the future on fuel systems is already here: Hyundai’s Fuel Cells.
Hyundai believes that these fuel cells are the 21st century technology replacement for 20th century technology such as petrol and diesel engines. Hyundai’s flagship fuel cell design is the ix35 Fuel Cell which has already begun rolling out in certain parts of the USA and is geared for full scale production in 2015.
This revolutionary vehicle part of Hyundai’s program to create vehicles that combine hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity with the only emission being water.
The only emission is water? Most people would think that this is too good to be true. To demonstrate just how environmentally friendly the ix35 Fuel Cell is, Hyundai connected it to a living ecosystem through aquaponics (the growing of fish and vegetables in water). The water produced by the fuel cell was pumped from the running ix35 Fuel Cell into a fish tank filled with carp which in turn provided nutrients to feed the plants connected to the fish tank.
However, the rollout of the ix35 is a complex procedure as Hyundai needs to create the refueling infrastructure before they roll out the vehicle. This isn’t phasing Hyundai however, as they believe that their investment in infrastructure now will have long term dividends as they expect fuel cells will make up 50% of the market by 2050.
Find out more about the technology behind the ix35 Fuel Cell or take a look at the Hyundai ix35s that are currently available in South Africa.
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