Monday, 26 October 2015

Hyundai i-Series: The Car of Your Life

It it one of the most common cliches used in car advertising, but there is a reason why the adage that ‘life's a journey’ is so apt when it comes to cars. Quite simply because it is true. And like any journey, as you go through life you might not be the same person at each stage of the journey and chances are wherever you are going you are going to need a car to get you there. There are few cars out there that keep up with your lifestyle as well as the Hyundai i-series.

You are young, just starting out on life’s adventures. Chances are that you have been working part time jobs for a few years a ready building up a little bit of extra cash and now with your 18th ooming up you are looking, with the help of your parents if you are lucky, for a car that will be able to get you to college and back. Maybe good for going on short road trips with the friends or travelling back to visit the family at the end of term. So what car do you get? The Hyundai i10 of course - light on fuel, easy to look after and with enough safety features to keep the parents happy. Thankfully it is also popular enough throughout South Africa that there are enough second hand ones out there for you to pick up cheaply.

As you get into your twenties however, you are going to be wanting something a little bigger and more impressive - you have more responsibilities and a better cash flow. It’s time to upgrade to the Hyundai i20. It is more spacious and better suited to a couple - the increased boot space makes shopping easier and now if you are going to go together to visit the family for friends, you don’t have to worry about packing plenty of presents and extras to take with you. Being in your twenties you might have more expectations than a sound system - the i20 comes with parking cameras and even an option bike rack for the more adventurous.

Towards the end of your twenties and the start of your thirties you’ll be looking for something much bigger and safer - the start of your family cars. The Hyundai i30 has plenty of interior space and safety features to keep your young family safe. Aside from making taking the kids to school effortless, the various optional extras, the Executive, Adventure and Family packs, all ensures that your i30 keeps up with your lifestyle.

But where do you go after the i30? With a growing family and plenty of dogs that all need to taken everywhere, you don’t exactly want them climbing on the back seat anymore? Meet the Hyundai i40, Hyundai’s family estate (or station wagon) that is the perfect family car for your 40s. Sadly not available in SA yet, but fingers crossed.

What next? Who knows, but for the first four decades of your driving life isn’t it nice to know that there is an i-series Hyundai that will keep you company. So, whether you have to choose a Hyundai i20 vs Hyundai i30, or a Hyundai will be making a good choice either way!

Originally post on: SA Hyundai Owners

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